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Page Last Updated 8th May 2018

It is common knowledge that the HSE no longer supports HSG216 Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways – Guidance on Safe Practice.

The Passenger-Carrying Miniature Railway Safety Group (PCMRSG) has completed the initial draft of the new guidance document “Managing Health and Safety at passenger-carrying miniature railways” reflecting current health and safety practice.

The guide outlines the main risks of passenger-carrying miniature railways and some of the steps that can safeguard the health and safety of employees, operational staff, passengers and visitors. It contains practical advice for operators organising or managing passenger-carrying miniature railways up to 350mm (13¾”) gauge.

A consultation period on the draft guidance is now open. Comments are invited from interested parties e.g. model engineering clubs and societies, commercial miniature railways, model engineering/miniature railway traders etc.

All comments should be submitted by 1st September 2018 at the latest, it is regretted that comments received after that date will not be able to be considered.

Draft document, comment form and instructions on how to submit to PCMRSG

Draft Document